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A chance to protect Texas' fish, wildlife

It doesn't matter if they are grilled, fried, boiled, sautéed or chilled, Texans love their shrimp. And the shrimp industry is big business in our state, generating more than $2 billion in sales impacts every year.


Migratory bird program helping wildlife, popular with farmers

Four years ago, as oil continued to spew into the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, state and federal biologists started making plans to help the future of wildlife in Louisiana wetlands. With a lot of uncertainty surrounding just how much and where oil could penetrate into Louisiana wetlands and marshes, planning began to create wintering habitats to prevent at least some migrating birds from settling into oiled areas.


Our Views: Together for the river

The great river that is the source of much of Louisiana’s land, and for centuries one of America’s great arteries of commerce, needs some TLC.


AWF's Val Marmillion and Risky Business Project's Matt Lewis featured in interview with Garland Robinette

Garland talks global warming with Val Marmillion of America's Wetland Foundation and Matt Lewis of the Risky Business Project.


Entergy Research: Gulf Coast Infrastructure at Mercy of Big Storms

At a recent summit in New York's financial district, the news was pay now or pay much more later. Speakers either showed scientific evidence of potential disasters because of sea level rise or the enormous costs brought about by the most costly storms: Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation airs AWF interview for coastal land loss segment

On Tuesday, June 17 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) aired a television news segment on the increasing loss of coastal wetland in southern Louisiana.


Environmentalists: Inaction feeds crisis over Mississippi River

WASHINGTON — Decades of shortsighted decisions by industry and government have put the Mississippi River’s future at risk, and degradation at its southern Louisiana delta is contributing to “the greatest land loss on the planet,” a five-state environmental coalition warned Wednesday.


Simon calls for Mississippi River sustainability plan

Illinois' lieutenant governor is calling for a comprehensive approach to making the Mississippi River more sustainable.


Our Views: A coast in common

Thanks to the great peninsula on which the state of Florida sits, it’s a long way by sea from Maine on the Atlantic Ocean to Texas’ tip on the Gulf of Mexico. But in terms of Louisiana’s long struggle with coastal erosion, we’re seeing a lot more commonality of interests among the diverse coastal communities of the United States.


Group pushes coastal restoration at DC meeting, but doesn't mention now banned oil industry lawsuit

WASHINGTON -- The legislation signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal last week to block a lawsuit brought by a local levee agency in pursuit of energy company compensation for environmental damages from oil and gas production was the elephant in the room.


Officials wade deeper into river campaign

WASHINGTON — Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland and other officials from communities along the Mississippi River called on Congress Wednesday to support efforts to better protect the river, which they called a national “asset.”


Lt. Gov. Dardenne in DC to Present Big River Works Findings

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is in Washington D.C. today to make a presentation at the final meeting of The Big River Works initiative of the Americas Wetlands Foundation. The draft findings and recommendations of a master plan for the Mississippi River were presented to the attendees representing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, other government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders interested in the vitality of the river.


Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon and Louisiana Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne call for comprehensive strategy to save Mississippi River

WASHINGTON D.C. – . Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon joined government, industry and environmental leaders in Washington to call for a comprehensive and cooperative approach to Mississippi River governance and sustainability.


Private investment may be another avenue to wetlands restoration

A $181 million fund to restore a large portion of the East Orleans Land Bridge didn’t come from local, state or federal government. The money to dredge sediment and rebuild marsh is from a private investment. It’s just one example of what America’s Wetland Foundation would like to see more of for certain coastal restoration projects that could get done faster and cheaper than through the federal process.


EDITORIAL: Prop coastal planning needed in Texas

This is Hurricane Preparedness Week, which is an annual campaign to remind coastal residents that they need to be ready for any major storm that might come our way.

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