America's WETLAND Foundation June Newsletter

In a presentation to the Governor's Advisory Commission on Coastal Protection, Restoration and Conservation, the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) outlined innovative solutions to help expand and expedite coastal restoration efforts, in concert with Louisiana's Coastal Master Plan.


GUARDING THE COAST: Texas conservation group argues for comprehensive plan

In 2001, former Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster called for creation of an organization whose goal was to increase awareness about severe land loss threatening the state's coast and how it impacted not only Louisiana but the nation as a whole. Foster's initiative was based on a comprehensive study of the Bayou State's disappearing coast. The result was the America's WETLAND Foundation, founded in 2002. Non-governmental groups represented by the Environmental Defense Fund and industry represented by the president of Shell Oil joined Foster in announcing the "Campaign to Save America's WETLAND."


America's WETLAND Foundation May Newsletter

AWF Managing Director Val Marmillion gave a presentation yesterday to the National Institute for Coastal & Harbor Infrastructure (NICHI) Business Summit at the New York Academy of Sciences Conference Center in New York City. Marmillion's presentation centered on achieving consensus among diverse public and private stakeholders to advance coastal resiliency and restoration.


Request for Support of HB 490 Letter to Legislators

America's WETLAND Foundation joins the efforts of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Louisiana in supporting Louisiana House Bill 490, which would close a loophole that would allow lawmakers to circumvent state constitutional law prohibiting the use of one-time money for recurring costs. Some lawmakers believe transferring money through the Coastal Fund allows them to work around this law. Louisiana HB 490 would address this problem by ensuring the state's Coastal Fund is used solely for coastal restoration purposes, as intended. To show state legislators how important coastal restoration is to the protection and growth of local and state economies, TNC is gathering signatures from businesses, business associations, civic and community groups, tourism and outdoor recreation interests, and city and parish officials.


CBS' 60 Minutes Features Tabasco® and AWF Board Member Tony Simmons

The March 16, 2014 edition of CBS's oldest and most-watched newsmagazine - 60 Minutes - profiled McIlhenny Company's CEO and AWF Board Member Anthony "Tony" Simmons. CBS stated, "The hot sauce industry is on fire with revenue of more than a billion dollars but it all began with just one name - Tabasco®." You can watch the 13 minute segment here.


Strong Coast, Strong Texas Favored by Majority of Texans

Houston, Texas - Statewide survey results released today by the America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) show a majority of Texans worried about the future of the Texas coast as an economic engine driven by a healthy ecosystem.


News from America's WETLAND

Every hour of every day, Louisiana loses the equivalent of a football field of land to coastal erosion. Join AWF and the Estuarians as we rally together to face this challenge now, so that future generations can continue to benefit from our beloved coast and all that is rooted here in America's WETLAND. For a $25 dollar donation or more, you will be granted AWF Home Team Membership, which includes the AWF monthly newsletter, a limited edition AWF camper mug, and other AWF promotional items. Help us keep it alive!


Super Bowl Ad Calls on the Home Team to Help Restore Coast!

The America's WETLAND Foundation (AWF) will launch its new 'GAME ON!' campaign to save coastal Louisiana with an advertisement titled 'Eagle,' during Super Bowl XLVIII, expected to be one of the most-watched television events of the year.


AWF extends "Football Field" message

In 2003, AWF gathered a group of Louisiana leaders and members of the press at LSU Tiger Stadium and, utilizing the large screen, revealed a video of water covering the field with the now familiar "football field of land lost every 50 minutes to coastal erosion" message. Since that time, billions of media impressions have been earned with the metaphor of the football field used in thousands of stories and speeches about the loss of coastal Louisiana.


America's WETLAND Foundation December Newsletter

News from America's WETLAND


America's WETLAND Foundation November Newsletter

News From America's WETLAND


America's WETLAND Foundation October Newsletter

News From America's WETLAND


Saints Recognize the Value of America's WETLAND at Monday Night Football Game

The America's WETLAND Foundation will be showcased at the nationally televised Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins on September 30, 2013.


America's WETLAND Foundation September Newsletter

September news from America's WETLAND...


America's WETLAND Foundation Volunteer Planting Opportunity

Please consider joining us for this volunteer planting opportunity and help contribute to saving our precious Louisiana wetland.


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